Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Opens at Waterworks

An evil queen, who is actually a witch, constantly asks a magic mirror who is the fairest in all the land. Fearing that her beauty is being eclipsed, the queen orders her huntsman to take the rival Snow White into the woods to be killed. Rather than harm her, the huntsman tells Snow White to flee deep into the forest and never return. Lost and frightened, Snow White is befriended by seven dwarfs who protect her.  You know the story, right?  Come to the Waterworks Players’ Christmas pantomime for a delightfully different take on one of the fairy tales collected by the brother Grimms, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the antics, wordplay and fun of this story set in a far-off land. True to the spirit of the British pantomime, the characters interact with the audience, enlisting their help to find Snow White, warn her about a poisonous apple, hiss at the evil queen, and engage in other silliness.

Some characters will be familiar. The wicked Queen Evilynn, masterfully played by Shirley Kagan, is as haughty and vain as one would expect. Her beautiful step daughter, Snow White, is skillfully performed by Christy Moore. Her radiance captures many hearts, including seven dwarfs. Ross Baldwin as Prof is the clever one who first discovers Snow White. Grouchy, played by Miriam Kagan-Dubroff, has a deceptive sweet smile that masks a testy personality. Faith Viera as Blusher turns red when any attention is placed on him, while Audrey Gee as Giggler finds humor in any situation. Aaron Hogan as Daffy has a difficult time remembering his own name, while Sophie Watson as Titch has a bow to rival the best royal courtier. Lauran Todt is the seventh dwarf named Whiffy, but you will have to attend the show to learn the origins of his name.

Clarissa is the queen’s cook, a hard working and underappreciated servant who thinks she rivals Rachel Ray. Jordan Whiley’s performance as Clarissa finds the right balance between the puns and double entendres that grown-ups will enjoy and the audience participation that makes the pantomime tradition such fun for children. Muddles, comically performed by Walter McCoy, is Clarissa’s bumbling son. You can probably guess by his name what happens when he assists in making Clarissa’s Celebration Cake.

Peyton Wall is a poised and articulate Fairly Flora, who in a flash dramatically opens the show. Fairy Flora introduces the story and weaves the various plot twists together while speaking in rhyme. Prince Valiant is aptly played by Marlowe Vilchez. Despite his name, he is frightened of Queen Evilynn’s romantic overtures as well as ghosts. Leigh Lunsford as Miriam plays well the magic mirror that is too cheeky for her own good. She is bound to tell the truth, even if it gets Snow White in trouble.

Donald Hicks and JR Schipper are the queen’s able guards, while Valarie Wagoner and Phyllis Stafford are villagers.

Under the direction of Dudley Sauve and stage management of Mary Jo Stockton, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs follows in the successful footsteps of the previous four pantomimes from Waterworks Players. The outlandish costumes by Jennifer Foster and simple set are a perfect backdrop for the slapstick comedy of a cast who clearly enjoys having fun with the audience.  Moffatt Evans also adds several special effects that will amaze all.

What do sausages, game of hide and seek, pig’s heart, duster, and Avon lady have to do with Snow White? Will Queen Evilynn be able to woo Prince Valiant? Who is the fairest woman in all the land? What happens to a person who suggests to the vain queen that she might need an eency weency bit of wrinkle cream?  To learn the answers to all these questions, make reservations for the whole family to attend Waterworks Players’ production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Performances are Friday (December 3th) at 7 pm, Saturday (December 4th) at 2 pm and 5 pm, and Sunday (December 5th) at 5 pm. Tickets are $5 for everyone, children, adults, and dwarfs. You can obtain tickets by calling the box office at 434-392-3452 or visiting the Waterworks web site:

Heigh-ho, heigh- ho, it’s off to Waterworks we go!